Why I love Frog Pose

I love frog pose. I do. I am flexible and I love the hip openers. Frog has brought me to tears at least once. But mostly I experience strength, and power, and release, or so I thought.

Today I experienced the gift of frog pose. Today, I keenly felt this truth:  that we hold ‘stuff’ in our joints and soft tissue and if we are holding on, then we can let go.  I moved into the pose, confident in my expectations. I know frog.   But today, frog was different. My breath quickly became intense and steady, today I really had to use the breath to stay in the pose…the feeling in my hip joints/groin was sharp, sharp sharp. Breath, gail, breath! My arms reached out to grab the floor. What? What did she say? Tip your tailbone? Oh my god. The yoga begins when you want to leave the pose. What am I holding on to so tightly? Breath, drool, I felt so loud in my breath. As I continued to breath, something subtly shifted.  I felt the breath take me deeper into the pose. The breath carries us deeper if we let it. The breath transforms the body. It was just so intense. I could cry. Breath instead, Let go. Breath. Go deeper. The breath, for all its intensity, was gentle nonetheless. More breath. Let go. When it was time to release, I could barely move out of the pose.

I lay back to take rest and felt tears, again, fill my eyes.  I wanted to fall into a sob, a good cry. I breathed again and knew intuitively that what had been released needed no tears. The tears would want to take all these feelings back into my body and feel it all again, wallow in them, feel justified, and, oh, wouldn’t that feel so good…Instead, I named to myself what had been released: anger about a situation, judgement of that person, fear of scarcity in the face of a job loss, and more. I felt the heat in my groin, a vibration, as if these feelings were rising off my body like waves of heat. They were truly gone and so tears were no longer necessary. I breathed and felt empty and so very open. I felt no resistance. Rest came over me and Peace filled my being.

 by Gail Dartez


Zuda Midtown's 2 Year Anniversary

Wow, I cannot believe it has been 2 years since we opened. I wake up daily and remind myself I am living a Miracle Life. It takes a community to create something this amazing. So thank you to all the students that bring love to zuda everyday, thank you each one of our teachers who share themselves, continue to grow and give so much. I am humbly grateful.
anne marie & bill

Zuda Yoga Makes History

Zuda Yoga Makes History at the White House

Zuda Yoga Teaches at the White House

Zuda Yoga is so grateful for the opportunity to bring yoga to the White House! Thanks to our teacher Leah Cullis, we have the opportunity to spread this amazing practice to the nations' capital.

Today, we practiced yoga on the lawn for the first time in history! I am convinced yoga can save our world. Thank you President Obama for adding "Let’s go play" to the annual Easter Egg Roll.

more on the Easter Egg Roll

Zuda Yoga Folsom Opening February 26 2009

Doors open at 5:30pm
Free Yoga Class at 6:30pm
Celebration to follow! Food, Drink and Fun!

If you thought you knew what yoga was, you're in for a treat. Zuda features a Vinyasa (also called flow or power) style yoga class. While yoga in general works to develop strength, flexibility and balance, Vinyasa adds a cardiovascular component.

And what makes it Zuda Yoga? Fun. It is our belief that yoga should be fun. Don't get me wrong, our teachers have studied and taught yoga extensively. But they all have an infectious energy that truly has to be experienced to understand. zudayoga.com

Welcome to the Folsom Blog

Welcome to the Folsom Blog where you can get all the latest information on Zuda Folsom.
Yes you've heard the rumor and it's true. Your favorite Sacramento Yoga studio is expanding to Folsom.

Our goal is March 09.

We have an incredible new business partner, Diana Vitantonio, joining our team. Keep checking here for Diana updates.

The plans have been approved and construction has started. Look shower! Walls and heating system

Zuda Yoga Folsom
220 Blue Ravine